Kosrae Village Update

Dear Friends, the latest Kosrae Village news:

Kosrae Village is temporarily closed for reorganization and there are no services such as telephone or internet. If this is not a concern, then contact Madison at info@kosraevillage.com to discuss your needs and reduced rates.

Thank you for your many years of friendship and support.


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Kosrae Village Management Update

Hi Folks,

This is just an update of what has been happening with me and Kosrae Village, as well as why you haven’t heard from me in so long.

Last spring I was diagnosed with T4 colorectal cancer, had some major surgery and began chemo.  I’ve been staying with my wonderful kids in California during my treatment and I can’t say enough about how supportive they’ve been. Right now it looks like the cancer is under control, but we can’t expect it to ever go completely away. After my chemo treatment ends at the end of the month (YEAHHH!) I will need ongoing maintenance injections every other week which are not available in Kosrae. So I expect to be pretty much “tied” to the US Mainland.

Bruce decided to join me here last month and Madison and Sepe have stepped up to handle the day to day operations at Kosrae Village. Bruce and I are still involved, but very remotely – answering emails and working on some of the back office stuff. Of course Bruce also has his relationship with the area hospitals, which will likely take him back to Kosrae or elsewhere in Micronesia before I can go.

This has led to a number of exciting changes, first Kosrae Village is now completely operated by Kosraeans and may be the only venue in Kosrae where this is true. They have instituted a series of “local food events” inviting visitors and residents alike to enjoy traditional Kosraean food, prepared in a traditional manner. They have a number of other activities planned and have instituted “happy hour” with reduced bar pricing.

One area where they really need help is in the dive operation. With Bruce and I both in the States the diving operation is in need of new managers. As the PADI 5 Star designation and the liability insurance are current, I think that what is needed is an instructor with a Nitrox blending cert who is willing to work for room and board until revenues start to come in again. Ideally this person will be Kosraean or American. Because of the foreign worker laws in the FSM, Americans can freely live and work in the FSM, but other nationalities cannot. Of course, other nationalities would be welcome, but the paperwork hassle will be greater. Once a new manager is found Bruce will available to show him how the current setup works.

I hope that Sepe and Madison will have time for short posts on the Kosrae Village Facebook page.

Thank you for reading this long post. 🙂





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Scuba & H2O Adventure Show 2015!!

Hi Folks,

Just a quick reminder. The 2015 Scuba & H2O Adventure Show in Seattle is this weekend at Smith Cove at Pier 91, 2001 West Garfield St. I will be in booth 721.

The show hours are 10 – 5 on Saturday and 10 – 4 on Sunday. I’m doing a short seminar Sunday at 3pm about green travel in Micronesia.

For more information, check their website: Scuba & H2O Adventure Show

See you there!

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Micronesian Storms

Over the last week or so Micronesia has had some bad storms and the headlines are pretty scary.

In general Chuuk and Yap have been hit by the most recent typhoon (Maysak) and have really suffered, but Kosrae didn’t have any damage because the storm formed to the west of us.

Here is a link to NOAA’s live weather satellite picture for our region: http://www.goes.noaa.gov/guam/GUAMIR.JPG, Micronesia Weather Satellite Photo

You can clearly see storms as they form and move across the region and a quick look might give you information that is a little more current than the headlines.

I hope that this helps,

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Kosrae Run Off Election Results

The January 6 run off election overseas and absentee votes have been counted. Incumbant Governor Lyndon Jackson received the highest vote count (2070 to Gibson Siba’s 1850) in the close election, winning him a second four year term.

Full election results can be found here: Kosrae 2014 – 2015 Election Results

Next up! the March Congressional elections.


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Supercalifragilistic New Year!

Bruce and I brought a couple of tiny video Intova video cameras (similar to the GoPro) back from DEMA. On New Year’s day Gurtin and I had a chance to try them out. We dropped in for a quick dive at Hiroshi Point and immediately saw a juvenile Rockmover wrasse gamboling about. We spent 15 or 20 minutes getting stills and video of his antics and then started looking around to see who else had come to play.

AND we found three little fish that we had never seen before! Probably juvenile Blue Razorfish (Xyrichtys pavo) although the 3 that we saw don’t look exactly like the photos and descriptions we were able to find. Here are a couple of still photos, I’ll post some video as soon as I figure out how to make it small enough. 🙂

Gurtin w/ Video and Razorfish

Gurtin w/ Video and Razorfish

Juvenile Razorfish

Juvenile Razorfish

The camera’s?? They worked GREAT and yes they are available for rent at $25 for the day. They take stills too and since they are permanently housed, they will be great for forest hikes and touring the mangroves as well as diving, snorkeling, etc.

Those of you who have been reading my blog know that 2015 is KVR’s 20th anniversary and we have figured out one celebratory special (we’re working on more, so let me know if you have ideas :)).

The current special is a 20% lodging discount for the first 20 reservations made is 2015, so book now!

Have a great New Year!

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2015 and other Amazing Things

Wow! In a matter of minutes 2015 will be upon us.

I’ve just uploaded the 2015 tide predictions for Kosrae, if you use them and notice any weirdness, let me know. You can download the pdf document here: 2015 Kosrae Tide Predictions

When you are rummaging around the site, see what you think about our new “look”. Hopefully the information you want is easier to find and the site will work better for mobile users. Tell me what you think, what works and what doesn’t. I haven’t changed all of the pages yet, but I hope to have it complete BEFORE 2015. 🙂

While we are talking about 2015, I should mention that 2015 is our 20th year of operation. I’m trying to think of cool ways to celebrate, what do you think of a 20% discount for the first 20 reservations in 2015? Let me know your ideas.

Have a GREAT Christmas and an EXCELLENT New Year!

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Shows and Stuff!

I am finally back home after the Las Vegas DEMA show and getting caught up with the “real” world. 🙂

This past year we’ve had a lot of requests for rental cameras, so one of the things we did during DEMA was buy two small “go pro” type cameras from Intova. The cameras are housed (rated to 200 ft) and take beautiful images. They are small enough that it will be easy to take them on any adventure, on land or sea. And of course they are available to rent.

This weekend Bruce is at the Our World Underwater show in Phoenix, booth 206. If you are in the area, drop in to see him.

Have a great weekend!

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Updated VIsit Micronesia Info


Right now Bruce and I are at the DEMA (Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) show in Las Vegas. We have a booth (#2035) for Kosrae Village in the Micronesia Pavilion and we are having a great time renewing old friendships and making new ones.

We had a chance to talk with the United Airlines representatives and got a copy of the updated rules for their Visit Micronesia discount fare. I’ve updated my summary of the Visit Micronesia rules here: Kosrae Village Visit Micronesia page and uploaded the official United document here: United’s Visit Micronesia Program 2014-2015 so you can download the full document.

Next week Bruce and I will get to have Thanksgiving with all of the kids and grand kids – a first in 20 years! And the following weekend (Dec 6-7) Bruce will be exhibiting at the Our World Underwater show in Phoenix.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

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Kosrae 2014 Election Results

Hi Folks,

The preliminary results from the island are posted here: Election Results.

When the off island results are available, I will add them to the page.


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