Kosrae Village Photo Gallery

I spent most of yesterday installing a new photo gallery on the kosraevillage.com site. I know that sounds pretty grim, but it really wasn’t.

I needed to do this for a while, but kept putting it off. The old (tired) gallery used the Gallery2 software. Gallery2 can do everything including wash the dishes, but it was a little cumbersome to do the simple things that I need.

The Gallery3 software has been out for awhile and I finally decided to take the plunge and install it. Whenever I’ve been away from something a little technical (an application, website or whatever) it take me some time to remember (or re-learn :)) the little details. But in just a few hours I had the new gallery up and tweaked the way I wanted it, photos migrated from the old gallery and some new ones added. See what you think, here’s my gallery address. I’m sure that I will continue “tweaking” for awhile and I have quite a few new photos to add, so let me know if you have suggestions.

The Gallery software is free and open source. Even though it’s free the support, through the forums, is fast and helpful. If you are thinking of a photo gallery for your site check them out, here’s their address.


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