One of the “Missing” Blogs :)

Early in December I visited Guam for the Pacific Asia Travel Association Micronesia Chapter (PATA) membership meeting, representing both Kosrae Village and the Kosrae Visitors Bureau (I’m a KVB board member and on the PATA chapter executive committee). Traveling for the PATA meetings also gives us an chance to explore other places in Micronesia.

In this case, because of the flight schedules I stayed on Guam over the weekend following the meetings and was invited to attend one of the famous village fiestas.

Dededo Fiesta Coconut Leaf Art
This is a photo of the beautiful toys made by weaving the coconut leaves. There a more fiesta photos in the Guam album on the Katrina’s Photos page.

The fiestas are usually hosted by one or two families in the village, but everyone in the community pitches in by bringing food and talent to the fiesta.

The Dededo fiesta was in honor of Santa Barbara. It’s an all day event with hundreds of people, dance groups, artists, coconut frond weaving and much more going on.

After leaving the fiesta I decided to explore the island to the south and came upon a few wind surfers on the beach. This was the first time I had seen the kites up close, I didn’t realize that the kite are inflated with air. Are they all like this? Guam - Windsurfers The are also more wind surfing photos in the Guam album.

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