Win A GoPro Camera!

I thought that you might like to know about the Kosrae Visitors Bureau contest to give away a GoPro! Here is the press release and a link to the contest details:

“Picture Yourself On Kosrae” GoPro Outdoor Camera Giveaway

Enter to win this versatile camera loved by outdoor enthusiasts, divers, hikers and explorers
By Kosrae Visitors Bureau
Published: Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012 – 8:09 am

TOFOL, KOSRAE, Federated States of Micronesia, Nov. 1, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — Now’s your chance to enter to win a GoPro® HERO3 Silver Edition Camera as a part of the Kosrae Visitors Bureau’s “Picture Yourself on Kosrae” Sweepstakes and Outdoor Camera Giveaway.

Here’s how it works. Simply visit the contest website, or Twitter and enter to win by providing your email address. Entries can also be submitted at by clicking on the sweepstakes tab at the top of the page.

“We’re giving away a GoPro® because it’s the ultimate camera for the outdoor enthusiast, and Kosrae Island is a bona fide outdoor paradise, both underwater and on land,” said Grant Ismael, executive director of the Kosrae Visitors Bureau. “People who visit Kosrae are treated to magnificent scuba diving, challenging jungle hiking, natural beauty and the warm smiling faces of Kosrae. All are ideal subjects for capturing with the GoPro HERO3 camera to share with others.”

The winner will receive a GoPro® HERO3 Silver Edition. Sweepstakes entries will be accepted October 31 through December 1, 2012. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on December 5, 2012.

Sweepstakes entrants who have visited Kosrae are also invited to share their Kosrae stories and images by sending them to

ABOUT KOSRAE: Kosrae is an eco-traveler’s paradise and an internationally acclaimed dive destination. A 42-square-mile island, it is one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and is located between Guam and Hawaii. Kosrae’s reefs are considered to be among the most pristine remaining in the world. United Airlines’ Island Hopper serves Kosrae via Hawaii and Guam. Visit the Kosrae Visitors Bureau web site:

SOURCE Kosrae Visitors Bureau

I’d love to enter, but somehow I don’t think that I’m eligible! :)

Good Luck!

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Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Oh, well, maybe not. :)

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been up to my ears for the past couple of months. Part of this is because Ben Frank, our amazing dive guide and dive operation supervisor, has moved to Hawaii. So while I’m training new guides, I’m also the primary dive guide. AND, we’ve been buried in divers for the past month or so. Did I say I’ve been really, really, busy?

But all of this means I’ve been diving almost every day, and that has been wonderful!

Coral Silhouette

Healthy and Diverse Coral

Last week we had great vis, light currents and no swell or wind for the entire week. To top things off, we’ve had dolphins playing around the boats and a constant parade of sub adult white tipped reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse, a giant travelly, wahoo, barracuda, puffers, peacock sole and of course the constant small tropical reef fish and invertebrates that live on our healthy and diverse reef.

Tomorrow night a night dive and in a week the coral monitors arrive!

I hope that you are all having a great September.


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Hey! Surprise! I’m Back!

Hi Folks!

I’m so sorry that I’ve been AWOL for the last couple of months. Life has been busy and frantic.

Sonya Koshuta of S K Design in New York was kind enough to send me her experience in purchasing the Star Alliance Micronesia Airpass and I thought that her info might help some of you.
From Sonya:

Hello there!

Your site greatly helped me!

After being transferred thru 5 desks and too many people via UNITED AIRLINES yesterday on the phone, I was able to reach the “Alliance” desk.

As of 9/19/12, the Micronesia Air Pass still exists and the way it is priced is via what cities you plan to go through.  I understand these prices to be cheaper than what you would normally pay if you booked on your own, but in order to get the cheapest route, you do not want to back-track through 2 zones at a time.

There is no base price to pay for the pass, but you just have to know it exists.

There is a 3 days stay minimum at each stop-over, and you must complete at least 2 stop-overs in order to get the discounted fares.  I believe that you can “start” at any of the airports they service with the Micronesia pass, however they do include Tokyo as a starting point…

Additionally, you might want to know that you can only buy the airpass discounted fares following the purchase of a round-trip ticket to one of the origin cities, using award miles or money on a Star Alliance / United partner….

sonya koshuta
p 646 245 7916

I hope this is useful!

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New Kosrae Island Video!

The Kosrae Chamber of Commerce ( has produced a great promotional video for Kosrae Island.

You can view or download the video here:


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Wildlife R Us!

We’ve got a great young family staying in one of the cottages close to the restaurant and the other night Mom came rushing over, totally excited because of a huge crab they were watching. I went over to check it out and saw that it was a young coconut crab, which is terrific news!

We’ve been trying to establish this area as a coconut crab sanctuary (they are VERY tasty, equally slow growing, and pretty endangered on Kosrae) and now that we are beginning to get sightings of young crabs, it looks like our effort is beginning to pay off. Here are some photos:

Young Coconut Crab at Kosrae Village, Micronesia

Young Coconut Crab

I don’t know if you can see it, but the crab is just starting to develop the blue color on it’s body that will be very distinctive when it is fully grown. This guy is pretty little – if he was all stretched out he might be 12 or 15 inches from one foot to the other.


Young Coconut Crab at Kosrae Village, Micronesia

Young Coconut Crab




And wait – we aren’t done!

Last night they thought someone was playing pranks by throwing pebbles up on their roof. So early this morning when they went to see what was going on, they saw at least eight (yes, EIGHT!) huge fruit bats (our fruit bats or flying foxes are really big) feasting in the trees over the cottage – and dropping small fruits on the roof as they were eating breakfast.

I think that everywhere, all of the time, amazing things are happening all around us. We just have to look.


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Well, no maybe not in Micronesia. :)

Those of you who know me, or who have been reading this blog for a while, know that a couple of years ago I revisited my roots. I went commercial salmon fishing in Alaska with my sister Liz. And (barely) lived to tell the tale.

Right now, I’m here in Kosrae where it is warm and snuggly, but Liz is back in Naknek  for this year’s fishing season – where it might not be so warm!

You might also remember my post about the proposed Pebble  Mine, right smack in the middle of the prime salmon spawning grounds, and the associated controversy. Yesterday, or maybe the day before, the EPA held a hearing in Naknek to present their findings re the proposed mine and also to collect testimony from various stakeholders.

Liz posted an account of the hearing here Check it out, it is informative and interesting reading. And if you care about this issue, she lists various ways to make your thoughts known.

Liz normally writes everyday during the season, and I always read her posts – she’s funny, insightful and writes well, and she’s my sister. :)

Where do I stand on the Pebble Mine issue? Guess. NO Pebble Mine!




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Micronesia Airpass Secrets

Those of you who have read my blog for a while know that I told you about the discount Star Alliance (United) Micronesia Airpass quite awhile ago. The tricky thing is that no one seems to be able to buy the pass.

A kind United  employee has shared the following information on how to purchase the airpass and said that it was OK for me to share it with you. So here you go:

Our (United) Alliance Desk handles all of the bookings.  Here are their phone contacts:

1            *** STAR ALLIANCE MICRONESIA AIRPASS ***        \
2                                                            \
4                                     LAST UPDATE 02/27/12 JM\
5                                                            \
9                                                            \
11 RES ANYWHERE 71947 OR 1-877-726-7282 ..OR..1-801-359-9719. \

These phone numbers are US numbers. I’d suggest that if you are not in the US start by contacting your local United reservations people and asking for the “Alliance” desk.

I’d like to hear from anyone who has been able to purchase the airpass. If you get totally stuck, let me know that too, I might be able to find someone to help.


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Kosrae Village Milestones

Since FaceBook will be releasing their new timeline presentation at the end of the month, I decided to take advantage of new design and post some of the Kosrae Village milestones, going back to our construction days.

I scanned in some photos and slides from the “pre-digital” days and added them to the Kosrae Village timeline.

Somehow we were all a lot younger back then!

Take a look and let me know what you think of our new look and old history.

Here’s the link to the Kosrae Village FB page.


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The Anatomy of a Special

Bruce and I are working on the special for his show marathon in April and May.

We came with a couple that seem like great ideas. :)

  • A free cat or kitten (Genuine Kosraean Wild Cats, how can you go wrong?) for every visitor or
  • “stay for 4 and pay for 5″. :) :)

So, what WOULD be a good special? Something that would be good for you and not break the bank for us???

Let me know…


PS – if you know a vet that would like to trade some lodging for spay and neutering, put them in touch – we are about to be overrun.

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Kosrae Village Wins Outside Magazine Travel Award!!

Wow!! Kosrae Village is the runner-up for “best eco-lodge” in the Outside Magazine 2012 Travel Awards!

The award, announced in the April print edition which just went on sale, and on the Outside Magazine website is an exciting honor.

We are celebrating! and tomorrow we go back to work. :)


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