Well, no maybe not in Micronesia. 🙂

Those of you who know me, or who have been reading this blog for a while, know that a couple of years ago I revisited my roots. I went commercial salmon fishing in Alaska with my sister Liz. And (barely) lived to tell the tale.

Right now, I’m here in Kosrae where it is warm and snuggly, but Liz is back in Naknek  for this year’s fishing season – where it might not be so warm!

You might also remember my post about the proposed Pebble  Mine, right smack in the middle of the prime salmon spawning grounds, and the associated controversy. Yesterday, or maybe the day before, the EPA held a hearing in Naknek to present their findings re the proposed mine and also to collect testimony from various stakeholders.

Liz posted an account of the hearing here Check it out, it is informative and interesting reading. And if you care about this issue, she lists various ways to make your thoughts known.

Liz normally writes everyday during the season, and I always read her posts – she’s funny, insightful and writes well, and she’s my sister. 🙂

Where do I stand on the Pebble Mine issue? Guess. NO Pebble Mine!




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