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Kosrae Village News & Events

TweetThe best news! Our very good friend, Ric Fullerton, has successfully received a kidney from a living donor. Both he and his donor are doing extremely well and he expects to be back on Kwajalein in a few months. There … Continue reading

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Crustaceans Rule!

TweetLast Saturday a new volunteer coral monitoring team formed by island residents completed their first monitoring session! Since everyone is working, their monitoring schedule will be monthly on Saturdays. If you are an interested local diver you are welcome to … Continue reading

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A Newletter in Disguise :)

TweetThis post is partly to check that the new subscription mechanism is working and to share three short bits of information. Next weekend (April 5-6) I will be at the Seattle Scuba and H2O Show. It’s being held at the … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

TweetCoral Monitoring People wonder if our coral monitoring program is fun, if there is a lot of diving and if you see new stuff. I think that I can say that the answer is YES!. Yesterday I went through some … Continue reading

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Finally! My Head is Above Water!

TweetI mean that literally, the last couple of months have been frantically busy. The University of Washington held their second Kosrae Island Exploratory Seminar this year with Kosrae Village as their home base. The class, an absolutely wonderful group of … Continue reading

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2011 Coral Monitoring or Reef Keepers R Us

Tweet This year’s team was incredible, one of the best groups we have ever had; hard working, eager and patient when we had to make last minute changes, when equipment failed or when any of the 2001 things that can … Continue reading

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Yet Another Photographer **BIG Grin**

TweetA week or so ago our extraordinary dive master Ben Frank and I joined Rob Myers (marine biologist, photographer and author of Micronesian Reef Fishes) for a day on the reef. We were diving at Nefalil and Hiroshi Point on … Continue reading

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Coral Monitoring Adventures

TweetThis past week I was able to join KCSO (Kosrae Conservation & Safety Organization, a NGO), KIRMA (Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority), and Kosrae State Marine Resources in surveying the coral and reef health at 8 different locations around Kosrae … Continue reading

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Third Coral Monitoring Video Blog

TweetThe third blog filmed by Seth Greenspan, film maker and volunteer for the 2010 Kosrae Village coral monitoring project. Many thanks to Seth, George, Hannah and of course Steve Smith from OceanEarth, our US partner in reef protection projects, for … Continue reading

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Second Coral Monitoring Video

TweetMore information on the Kosrae Village coral monitoring project plus great reef video. KVR Coral Monitoring Blog 2 from Seth Greenspan on Vimeo.   Tweet

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