What About the Weather??

Yikes! I don’t know!

This is one of the most frequent questions we get and I used to give very assured answers – “generally this month or that month has more rain or less wind or whatever”, but not anymore!

I was recently asked about changes to weather patterns, coral health, etc. for a climate change survey and I realized that none of my old assumptions about the weather could be counted on.

In the past I would tell people that our “normal” rainy season would start at the end of November / early December and run through April, although February was often a sunny, dry month, and that is what I have posted on the Kosrae Village main site. But for the past couple of years the rains haven’t started until March and our summer months (June – October) have been stormier than usual.

I noticed also that the NOAA Pacific ENSO page for Kosrae lists April, May and June as the months with the most rainfall. By the way, this site is an excellent place to get a long range weather prediction for Kosrae, so when you are planning your holiday 🙂 you might want to check them out.

The Weather For You site has an accurate report of the current weather as well as other information like sunrise and sunset times.

What’s it doing right now? Well we had a gorgeous sunrise, followed by a rain shower and now the sun is peeking though again. A typical day in paradise.


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