Who are the Kosrae Village guests???

Bruce is off to Sydney, Australia to represent the island of Kosrae at the Sydney Boat Show. The FSM, Federated States of Micronesia or Micronesia for short, has a booth (or “stand” in Australian :)) with representatives from all four States. If you are in Sydney, be sure to drop in and see him.

Since the purpose of the booth is to encourage people to visit Micronesia, this got me thinking – just who are the people who visit Kosrae Island and Kosrae Village?

In general, I think that we see the best kind of traveler, sophisticated and passionate about life. This is partly because Kosrae is not the easiest place to get to. You have to work a little to figure it out, so we don’t see many people who come here by accident.

It might also be because in many ways visiting Kosrae is like stepping back in time, to a time and place where children are free to run and play all day without their parents worrying about what has happened to them. A rural place where everyone knows their neighbors, a quiet place where you can step off the modern merry-go-round and reconnect with yourself and the planet.

Even more specifically, who stays at Kosrae Village? As you can imagine this is a critically important question to us. After all, we want to invite people to stay at Kosrae Village who are like the guests that already love us.

So what makes us different from the mainstream properties on the island? The critical difference seems to be our unique integration with the cultural and natural heritage of the island. Visitors who want a deeper understanding and appreciation of the community and of the island will be delighted with their experience at Kosrae Village.

Now we just have to let those folks know that we are here. 🙂 Hopefully Bruce will meet many of them at the Boat Show.


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