Yet Another Photographer **BIG Grin**

A week or so ago our extraordinary dive master Ben Frank and I joined Rob Myers (marine biologist, photographer and author of Micronesian Reef Fishes) for a day on the reef. We were diving at Nefalil and Hiroshi Point on the south side of Kosrae Island.

It was a really good day! Although conditions weren’t all that great with surge and a lot of particulate matter in the water, it was just the three of us in the water. This is pure luxury for photographers, since when we find a cooperative model we don’t want to travel on down the reef. As a result photographers tend to stay put, while many divers like to travel.

And, it turned out that Rob and I were not the only photographers in the water.

We needed to check out the camera that our good friend, Felicia Beardsley (La Verne University archaeologist) donated for our October coral monitoring project. Ben enthusiastically agreed to give it a try. His results are pretty amazing for a first time photographer.

The first photo of Ben taking photos is mine, the rest are his.

Ben Frank - Photographer

Ben Frank Kosrae Coral and Chromis

Ben Frank - Coral and Chromis

Ben Frank Kosrae Giant Clam

Ben Frank - Giant Clam Closeup

Ben Frank Kosrae Damsel Fish

Ben Frank - Damsel Fish

Ben Frank Kosrae Anemone Fish

Ben Frank - Anemone Fish

Ben Frank Kosrae Anemone Fish Cleaned

Ben Frank - Anemone Fish and Cleaner Wrasse

Ben Frank Kosrae Christmas Tree Worms

Ben Frank - Christmas Tree Worms

Ben Frank Gordon Joel

Ben Frank - Boat Captain, Gordon Joel

The underwater photographers reading this know that some of these images are difficult to get. I’d say that Ben has a real talent for photography as well as diving!

And the camera (a housed Intova point and shoot digital) will certainly do what we need for coral monitoring. — Thanks Felicia!


PS For more information on Coral Monitoring or Felicia’s Kosrae Projects check our main Kosrae Village website.

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One Response to Yet Another Photographer **BIG Grin**

  1. Diane says:

    Great pix! Can’t wait to take some myself!!! Thanks for sharing!