Kosrae Village Dining — Inum Restaurant

Best Food & Largest Traditional Building on the Island

Inum Restaurant

The Inum Restaurant has a regional reputation as one of the best in Micronesia. Specializing in local and international dishes, the dinner menu changes nightly, depending on the availability of fresh local produce, chicken and fish.

Our secret? Real food! No artificial anything. Of course having great cooks helps too.
Some of our signature recipes have been published in Katrina's Blog.

Inum Restaurant

Average Restaurant Pricing

Check this page for a Sample Menu.

Occasionally local artists will perform in the restaurant. This group of young ladies is performing a traditional sitting dance.

sitting dance sitting dance Inum Restaurant Inum Restaurant

The Inum is a popular venue for small conferences and workshops. The two dining rooms, one large and one small, allow great setup flexibility.

Inum Conference

Of course, conferences don't have to stay inside :)