Kosrae Dive Site Sampler

Kosrae Island
Shark Island | Walung Drop-off | Walung Coral Gardens | Hiroshi Point
Learn about our community's efforts to preserve our diverse and healthy reef system.

Shark Island

A great wall dive where the top of the reef sits at 40 to 70 feet. Potentially strong current on this dive makes it a dive for experienced divers, and may present challenges for underwater photographers. Common sightings include sharks, barracuda, eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, dog-tooth tunas, rainbow runners, turtles, as well as lots of smaller tropical fish. This location is also home to many crinoids, lobsters and other invertebrates.

Walung Drop Off

A shear wall that often has fast currents. Resident schools of barracuda, large jacks and rainbow runners are often joined by spotted eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, turtles and other large pelagic animals. The reef top here is just as magical as at the Coral Gardens. Look carefully under the coral heads, you may be rewarded with the sight of a very enormous, very shy star puffer. You may also see huge barracuda or Napoleon wrasse being groomed in cleaning stations.

Walung Coral Gardens

Steep sloping walls. Over the edge of the wall you can spot sharks and the other large ocean-going creatures, but the magic on this dive is on the top of the reef at 40 - 60 feet. Marvelous collection of hard corals, abundant life: tropicals, shrimps, octopi... Little to no current makes this a great dive for photos. A good dive for novice divers.

Hiroshi Point

Easy beach entry makes this an excellent dive for all levels. World class snorkeling spot as well as certification diving here. The top of the reef is covered with very large hard corals within 20 feet of the surface and dramatic white coral sand. Large schools of big parrotfish, eagle rays, and many tropical fish. Also a great location for night dives. Macro Heaven.

What Our Guests Say

"Elixir for my soul."

"Amazing disconnect from urban daily live."

"Kosrae Village is a wonderful, magical place run by wonderful people."

"This place is amazing, and you can hear the surf from anywhere in the resort."

"The food is top notch"

"Was especially pleased to find a history of Kosrae in my cottage and the fridge stocked with fresh fruit. What a nice surprise!"

"Kosrae has one of the best reefs that I have seen in my 42 years of diving."