Anemone (Heterodactyla hemprichii)

This amazing anemone doesn't seem to have fish symbiots, but I have seen commensal shrimp and crabs living in it. Any idea what the purple grape like structures are?


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  • sqwat on 2012-Jul-12 08:43:54 sqwat said

    i have a beautifull one with glowing green grapes and purple and red body with glowing green mouth dousnt seem to bother the corals it touches dont no why cause the sting is supposed to be poerfull but i love him and he was a very rare find and addition to my tank.post pick when i can.i think they should be in the market more they are facinating with the brape like bulbs and pine tre tentacles .mine is def inatly the most colorfull i nhave ever seen but he is only 1 inch around