The links below are organized into three categories.

Guest and Friends Recommendations

Are exactly that, guests often arrive at Kosrae Village raving about services or experiences they have had elsewhere.

If sites are available, we are listing them here, so that all of our friends and guests can take advantage of these recommendations. If you know of sites or services that you think should be included, please drop me a line.

Katrina's Recommendations

These are sites that may not have been recommended by our guests, but that I think are useful, interesting or fun.


These sites have requested a link, but have not been recommended by anyone in particular. If you don't think that they should be listed here please let me know.

Guest Recommendations

Travel Guide is a comprehensive travel guide put together by

An EcoTourism Travelers Guide


Manta Ray Bay Hotel & Yap Divers has also received many recommendations from our guests.

Truk Odyssey is a liveaboard in Truk Lagoon, Chuuk State

S S Thorfinn is a historic vessel that is now a liveaboard in Truk Lagoon


World of Diving Will McFarland is very familiar with United Airlines' Visit Micronesia Pass.

Matt at the MDA Travel Desk in Guam

Island Dreams

South Pacific Island Travel

Asia Transpacific Journeys

Reef and Rainforest

Dive Worldwide Ltd A UK Agent

Poseidon Dive Adventures

TravelSiders belongs to a former guest who researchs and posts the best airfares available on a weekly basis, including fares from Hawaii to Kosrae. Great information!

Katrina's Recommendations

o c e a n e a r t h is one of our most important partners, coordinating the logistical support for our annual coral monitoring and other projects.

Kosrae Visitors Bureau

The FSM Visitors Board

College of Micronesia

Micronesian Seminar

Felicia Beardsley's Micronesian Site

Moon Handbooks Micronesia

FSM Telecom

FSM National Government

US Embassy

Australian Embassy

Rob LaGrone's article on the 2005 Coral Monitoring project


Island Search is a directory and search engine *just* for islands.

A Tourism Directory is a world wide directory of destinations.

It's A Green Green World eco friendly accommodations, green hotels

diving index: A Scuba Diving Directory

Thailand Divers Tec / Cave Diving in Phuket, Thailand

Costa Rica Eco Lodge at Corcovado A very interesting tent eco lodge in Costa Rica.