March 27, 2009 Kosrae Island Canoe Races

Friday, March 27 was a beautiful day, sunny with blue sky and big puffy clouds. Most of the Kosrae population seemed to be lining the Okat Marina shoreline. Some of the clouds were dark, but the threatened rain held off.

The Utwe, Malem, Lelu and Tafunsak teams have all been practicing relentlessly for the past month.

First, of course, they had to build their canoes using the traditional Ka (Terminalia carolinensis) trees for the length and strength to produce a 10 man canoe.

I should also mention that the racing teams had to paddle against an incredible current that was running through the harbor. At the end of the day Utwe took the flag. BUT, the other teams vow to take it back in November!

Here are some race (and spectator) photos

Let your mouse pointer rest on each photo to see the caption.

Race Day at Okat Marina

Lelu Supporters

Tafunsak Supporters

Lelu goes for the finish

Shade was needed

Canoes at the Marina Dock

A Young Spectator

Fighting for the Lead

Also fighting for the lead

Supporters coming into the Water


Fighting for the Lead

Returning to the Dock

One of the Utwe Teams

If you would like to see more canoe racing photos, or photos of canoes being carved check the Kosrae Island photos in my photo gallery. Or follow this link for the October races.

What Our Guests Say

"Elixir for my soul."

"Amazing disconnect from urban daily live."

"Kosrae Village is a wonderful, magical place run by wonderful people."

"This place is amazing, and you can hear the surf from anywhere in the resort."

"The food is top notch"

"Was especially pleased to find a history of Kosrae in my cottage and the fridge stocked with fresh fruit. What a nice surprise!"

"Kosrae has one of the best reefs that I have seen in my 42 years of diving."