October 23 - 24, 2009 Kosrae Island Canoe Races

The races took two entire days to complete. Hundreds of spectators lined the Lelu Harbor shoreline, cheering on their teams, who had been practicing continuously the entire summer. Kosrae may be the only Micronesian island where traditional canoes are still used for racing. The races ranged from sprints to 1000 meter endurance races, with both men's and women's teams taking the field.

Who won? Well, Utwe took the trophy, but we all won!

Here are some race (and spectator) photos.

Let your mouse pointer rest on each photo to see the caption.

The Starting Line Up

Racing for Home

Ready Set GO

Paddling Hard

Changing Teams

After the Race

Utwe Ladies

Utwe is Red

Malem is White Tafunsak is Blue

Lelu is Yellow





All Kosrae Canoe Racing Panorama

If you would like to see more canoe racing photos, or photos of canoes being carved check the Kosrae Island photos in my photo gallery. Or follow this link for the March races.

What Our Guests Say

"Elixir for my soul."

"Amazing disconnect from urban daily live."

"Kosrae Village is a wonderful, magical place run by wonderful people."

"This place is amazing, and you can hear the surf from anywhere in the resort."

"The food is top notch"

"Was especially pleased to find a history of Kosrae in my cottage and the fridge stocked with fresh fruit. What a nice surprise!"

"Kosrae has one of the best reefs that I have seen in my 42 years of diving."