Katrina's Summer Adventure Photos

Photo credits Elizabeth J. Moore and Katrina Adams

Katrina hiding from the weather

The "Summer Adventure" page turned into a very long page, so I thought that it made sense to put the extra photos here, instead of the main vacation page.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of the grandeur and beauty of this apparently desolate land.

Tundra Blooming
Wild cotton blooming on the tundra.

Getting up with the tides means that you have opportunities to see things that you might not ordinarily see.
3AM sunrise
Sunrise at 3AM.

And a little later the same morning.

Sunrise the next morning.

Fishing, boats, and related stuff.
Peterson Pt.
Peterson Point, one of the old time canneries.

Cannery barge
This ocean going tug is towing a huge barge
loaded with salmon canned at Peterson Point.

Drifters in the current hanging off of their nets, except for the one boat.

Waiting for the tide to change.

Waiting some more.

Still waiting.

Life Ring
Still life

See why we REALLY don't want to pick fish in the mud?

fish fillets and boats
Salmon fillets, drifters, and one of our skiffs.

Here are more landscapes and a photo of my bizarre cabin.

The guys wrapped it in something called flashing to help weather proof it. People variously referred to it as a "beer can" or the "tinfoil house". I preferred to call it the "beacon" and decided that lost mariners could use it to navigate back to land. :)
My "beacon" reflecting the sunset.

end of the rainbow
The end of the rainbow?

Strom Brewing
As the storm clouds built, this small hill was still in the sun light.

Round Haul
The same storm building over the water.

Midnight sunset


For more information about:

Bristol Bay Commercial Fishing in Alaska Pebble Mine Salmon Follow this link to Katrina's Summer Adventure page.

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