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Coral Monitoring Project 2009

Coral Monitoring, Kosrae 2005

We're gearing up now for the September 26 - October 10, 2009 coral monitoring survey.
Here is some general information about our coral monitoring and other Reef Protection projects.

  • Most of the project work is coral monitoring, but other activities such as maintaining or expanding the mooring buoy system also take place as needed.
  • Kosrae Village and our US partner OceanEarth, a non profit 501(c)3 organization, have an annual two-week project set for September - October.
  • Additional surveys are needed, so if groups of 4 or more are interested in this work we can schedule projects to fit their time frames as long as:
  • The project dates are set up in advance with OceanEarth to qualify for tax deductibility.
  • We confirm that either Katrina or Dr Smith will be available for the training and to lead the project.
  • Two weeks is an ideal length of time to complete a survey project, however it is possible to scale it back to seven to ten days. Anything shorter really isn't feasible. A typical schedule follows:
  • Team arrives on a Saturday (if traveling via Honolulu)
  • Land based ID and survey technique training on Sunday
  • Checkout dives, in-water ID and technique training on Monday
  • Survey dives begin on Tuesday and continue for the duration or the project. Breaks are taken on Sunday and other days as necessary.
  • We don't expect that everyone will be comfortable with all the survey requirements and techniques by Tuesday, so the volunteers will work with experienced partners until they are ready to work on their own.
  • At the end of the project the participants will receive a certificate verifying their participation should it be required by the IRS.

Photos and data collected by previous teams can be found on the OceanEarth site at
For more information please email me or check this page.

Wireless Internet

Kosrae Village is on the WiFi Grid!

The restaurant, office and most of the cottages are receiving the FSMTC WiFi signal, so you can connect from your front porch.

Web site News

Three new additions to this web site:

  • Current Kosraean time is displayed by the clock on the contact us page.
  • A currency converter has been added to the rates page.
  • A new collection of photos has been added to Katrina's gallery.

  • Kosrae Island News

    November 7, 2006 Election Results

    Congratulations to Governor Weilbacher and Lt. Governor Tosie!

    Kosrae Festival of the Arts

    September 7 - 13, 2008 will be a non stop celebration of Kosraean culture as well as the WWII liberation. You will find MANY photos of the 2004 festival on the scrapbook page.

    This is an annual event, so if you are headed to Kosrae in September try to arrange to be here during the Festival week.

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