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Coral Monitoring
People wonder if our coral monitoring program is fun, if there is a lot of diving and if you see new stuff. I think that I can say that the answer is YES!.

Yesterday I went through some of the photos I took during last year’s monitoring session, looking for a parrotfish that I remembered seeing. At the time, I thought that it was a fish that was new to me and I was right. According to some of the information I’ve read, it is not a common fish.

Tan Faced Parrotfish (Chlorurus frontalis)

Tan Faced Parrotfish (Chlorurus frontalis)

If I’ve misidentified it, please let me know.

So, do we have fun? yes! Do we see new stuff? Yes! Do we spend hours in the ocean and work really hard? YES! Come find out for yourself, Oct 5 – 18, 2013.

Photo Gallery
I’ve added some photos to my photo gallery and also a “subscribe” box so that you can be notified when I add new photos. I don’t have access to the email addresses so you don’t have to worry about your address being used for anything else.

Trade Shows
Next month, April 20-21, I will be at the NW Dive and Travel Show in Tacoma, Washington. Stop in to see me if you are in the area.


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