Diving! Again or Still or Whatever :)

I’ve just spent a couple of excellent weeks diving, with old friends and new. I’m at that really nice place in training a new dive guide, where I need to be there, but he’s almost ready to fly on his own. So I get to dive, watch amazing animals on our incredible reefs, enjoy good company (and lunch!) during the surface intervals and, oh yeah, take pictures. 🙂

Here’s one that I’ve been try to get for a long time.

Bignose Unicornfish (Naso vlamingii)  Being Cleaned

Bignose Unicornfish (Naso vlamingii) Being Cleaned

These fish have amazing color and pattern changes. This is a male fish, and he is usually just a dark grey / blue when he is cruising down the reef. That big dorsal fin is normally folded pretty close to his back. When he is courting a female (or maybe establishing territory?) he will turn a fluorescent royal blue with dark stripes and flare his fins. Sometimes just the stripes will fluoresce. This is what he looks like when he is getting a massage in a cleaning station.

I’ve just added about 30 new photos to my gallery. On the home page the photos from the last two weeks are mixed in with the photos from my trip to the US mainland in the spring. If you just want to see the diving photos, select “Ocean” from the Galleries drop down menu.


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