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The best news!

Our very good friend, Ric Fullerton, has successfully received a kidney from a living donor. Both he and his donor are doing extremely well and he expects to be back on Kwajalein in a few months. There are expenses that aren’t covered by insurance, so if you know Ric and would like to contribute check his Facebook page or let me know.

The annual Rock Hopper trail run will take place on September 1st (US Labor Day) this year. The race is a fun run covering about 5 miles, partly on dirt and partly on pavement. Last year whole families took part and everyone had a great time!
Kosrae Rockhopper 2013 Starting Line

Runners in last years race

Kosrae Village is offering a 20% lodging discount for race participants.

You might want to extend your stay into the next week. Kosrae celebrates Liberation Day on September 8 and generally the Liberation Week is taken up with parades, canoe racing, track and field events and general good fun.

Humm – I think that we might extend the Rock Hopper special through Liberation day holiday. πŸ™‚

A lot of you know that we organize an annual coral monitoring session at the end of September or early October. This year β€˜s monitoring period begins on September 27, with volunteers arriving from the US. Right now we have 4 divers on the team and we really need a couple more. So if you are thinking about participating, remember it’s tax deductible!

Have a great week!

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