Spring Time in Kosrae!

Kosrae Island

Kosrae Island

Hey – I hope that you are having beautiful weather where ever you are. It’s gorgeous here, I was diving two days ago with a group of local students and the water was perfect. Crystal clear, calm and with lots of critters.

Hiroshi Point Magic

Hiroshi Point Magic

I’ve been a bad correspondent lately, just because I’ve been really, really busy. My Mom celebrated her 90th birthday last month and I went to Alaska to help celebrate. We’ve been busy here on Kosrae too. Here’s a few of the things that are going on.

Here at KVR our guys have been hard at work putting up new thatch and making sure that the cottages are in top condition. They are also working to strengthen our coastal protection. Just like coastlines everywhere, our coast is suffering from climate change and sea water rise. It only takes a small increase in water level to destabilize the natural seawall or “berm”. We’re successfully using a combination of traditional techniques with modern materials to slow the advance of the ocean, but it takes a lot of work and is expensive. It’s a good thing we’ve been busy!

The Island is busy too, preparing for the FSM National Environmental Conference being held on Kosrae next week and the State Fair and Cultural Day, March 27 and 28.

Kosrae Village has a booth (#719) at the Scuba and H2O Adventure show at Seattle’s Pier 91 being held April 5 and 6. I will be there, so come and see me and check out our show specials if you get a chance. We’ve donated a great “Silent Auction” prize to the show, 5 nights and 1 dive day for two! The proceeds will go to the Washington Scuba Alliance and California Ships to Reefs. If you’ve been thinking about visiting us, you might want to bid on this.

Here’s a link for more information about the show and their Facebook page where prizes are posted.

While we’re talking about prizes, here’s another Kosrae Village donation for the International Ecotourism Society’s ecoDestinations Live Auction.

But enough computer stuff! Get outside! Go diving! Dance in the sunshine! Have Fun!


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