The Inum Kitchen Rocks!

We have a great group staying with us at the moment. They are the students and professors from the University of Washington School of Oceanography Exploration Seminar “Culture and Conservation in Kosrae”. More about them later.

Kosrae Village Inum Restaurant

Kosrae Village Inum Restaurant

Tonight we suddenly discovered that instead of 15 people for the evening meal, we had 20. Somehow I had missed the fact that there would be extra guests. The dinner was on the table, but the kitchen folks were equal to the task. Within minutes the food on the buffet table was refreshed. Since there wasn’t enough of the planned dessert (Vegan Chocolate Cake) for the entire group, a platter of our scrumptious Juicy Orange Coconut Cake was added for the non vegans.

As I said, restaurant crew rocks!

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