Wildlife R Us!

We’ve got a great young family staying in one of the cottages close to the restaurant and the other night Mom came rushing over, totally excited because of a huge crab they were watching. I went over to check it out and saw that it was a young coconut crab, which is terrific news!

We’ve been trying to establish this area as a coconut crab sanctuary (they are VERY tasty, equally slow growing, and pretty endangered on Kosrae) and now that we are beginning to get sightings of young crabs, it looks like our effort is beginning to pay off. Here are some photos:

Young Coconut Crab at Kosrae Village, Micronesia

Young Coconut Crab

I don’t know if you can see it, but the crab is just starting to develop the blue color on it’s body that will be very distinctive when it is fully grown. This guy is pretty little – if he was all stretched out he might be 12 or 15 inches from one foot to the other.


Young Coconut Crab at Kosrae Village, Micronesia

Young Coconut Crab




And wait – we aren’t done!

Last night they thought someone was playing pranks by throwing pebbles up on their roof. So early this morning when they went to see what was going on, they saw at least eight (yes, EIGHT!) huge fruit bats (our fruit bats or flying foxes are really big) feasting in the trees over the cottage – and dropping small fruits on the roof as they were eating breakfast.

I think that everywhere, all of the time, amazing things are happening all around us. We just have to look.


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