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Hi Folks!

I’m so sorry that I’ve been AWOL for the last couple of months. Life has been busy and frantic.

Sonya Koshuta of S K Design in New York was kind enough to send me her experience in purchasing the Star Alliance Micronesia Airpass and I thought that her info might help some of you.
From Sonya:

Hello there!

Your site greatly helped me!

After being transferred thru 5 desks and too many people via UNITED AIRLINES yesterday on the phone, I was able to reach the “Alliance” desk.

As of 9/19/12, the Micronesia Air Pass still exists and the way it is priced is via what cities you plan to go through.  I understand these prices to be cheaper than what you would normally pay if you booked on your own, but in order to get the cheapest route, you do not want to back-track through 2 zones at a time.

There is no base price to pay for the pass, but you just have to know it exists.

There is a 3 days stay minimum at each stop-over, and you must complete at least 2 stop-overs in order to get the discounted fares.  I believe that you can “start” at any of the airports they service with the Micronesia pass, however they do include Tokyo as a starting point…

Additionally, you might want to know that you can only buy the airpass discounted fares following the purchase of a round-trip ticket to one of the origin cities, using award miles or money on a Star Alliance / United partner….

sonya koshuta
p 646 245 7916

I hope this is useful!

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