Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Oh, well, maybe not. 🙂

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been up to my ears for the past couple of months. Part of this is because Ben Frank, our amazing dive guide and dive operation supervisor, has moved to Hawaii. So while I’m training new guides, I’m also the primary dive guide. AND, we’ve been buried in divers for the past month or so. Did I say I’ve been really, really, busy?

But all of this means I’ve been diving almost every day, and that has been wonderful!

Coral Silhouette

Healthy and Diverse Coral

Last week we had great vis, light currents and no swell or wind for the entire week. To top things off, we’ve had dolphins playing around the boats and a constant parade of sub adult white tipped reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse, a giant travelly, wahoo, barracuda, puffers, peacock sole and of course the constant small tropical reef fish and invertebrates that live on our healthy and diverse reef.

Tomorrow night a night dive and in a week the coral monitors arrive!

I hope that you are all having a great September.


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