Japanese Earthquake Impact

As you all know today Japan has suffered from a terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

It appears that our region has escaped injury from the earthquake generated tsunami. According to NOAA’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center the tsunami measured 2.1 ft when it passed Saipan in the Northern Marianas and .5 foot when it passed Yap, one of the Micronesian islands.

I don’t have the height of the wave when it passed Kosrae, but it doesn’t appear to have had any impact here on Kosrae Island.

All guests and staff at Kosrae Village are safe and well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people,

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6 Responses to Japanese Earthquake Impact

  1. Deborah Williams says:

    Thanks so much for your post Katrina! Yours was the first news I heard from the island, have since heard from Kristen and Brandon and all is well. Great to see you and dive a few weeks back! All the best! deborah

    • katrina says:

      You are very welcome Deborah. We saw Kristen and Brandon at the courthouse last night, along with may other people! It was a beautiful night could clearly see the Southern Cross as well as the more familiar N. hemisphere constellations.

      BTW, Brendan is almost finished with his scuba class 🙂


  2. Everyone here at Placemaking Group has been watching and hoping our friends on Kosrae would be safe. What a disaster for Japan but we are very glad to hear Kosrae has been speared.

    • katrina says:

      Thanks Barbara,

      Yes we are all well – I took the guests to high ground just in case, but I think that the wave was very small plus the tide was going out when it went past. Any impact in California?


  3. Presario 2100 Battery says:

    Feeling sorry for all the people in japan I saw a video of the tsunami on tv and it made me shed a tear :'(